Saturday, August 20, 2011

1 Year Recap!

Well, after looking through my blog it has officially been 1 year (and 3 days) since there was a post that was ONLY about Julimae. So I decided that a picture post was needed. These are ALL the pictures of Julimae from my phone. However, I have only had my phone since December.

Earlier this year, Julimae was taken off of breeder watch and was spayed.

Julimae and Kyle in the back of our car. Good luck figuring out which is which.

An old photo of Julimae I put on my phone. Notice the black nose!

Julimae on her bed

Julimae and a very grumpy Santa

Julimae winking at school

In school

Julimae loves to show off her toys!

Bellyrubs = Awesome

At the vet

At the vet right before getting spayed

Pretty girl in a pink boa!

My nephew, showing the dogs his toys

In the office before I got my wisdom teeth out






Trying to fit in a small dog bed

She needed a bow

Wearing the special birthday hat

Another random old photo

And another...

On the catwalk at my school, she was pro on it

She had just heard my mom get home and she was stuck in my room

Silvana and Julimae

Another old one, but this is one of my favourites of her

Still can't fit in the bed...

My nephew loves walking her

I know she should be on the trampoline, but she really wanted to get on and look around!

She walks with him with a loose leash too!


I have no clue why she was sitting in the front, my mom took this picture

At my Grandma's cabin

Near my grandma's cabin

The view near my grandma's cabin 

A size comparison of Julimae and the weird hybrid squash that came out of our garden

Looking at my nephew's toys again

And this is my newest nephew! =D Just as a random add-in

And now at the end of the pictures I have to announce that Julimae has been recalled. She will go to formal training on August 28th.