Sunday, September 20, 2009


Ok, our leader is trying to get Meade and I to be allowed on the bus. She has made a whole lot of calls and we will most likely win! :)

Once we know for sure what will be happening I will let you know!

Monday, September 14, 2009


Today was Meades first day going on the school bus! This morning we went on the bus and the bus driver gave us a weird look (when I asked her if I could bring Meade she never gave me an actual answer so I just brought him). We went to school and everything was all hunky dorey the whole day. But alas, when I went to take him on the bus to go home we were denied access. Apparently, he is a danger to the children. We know for a fact that Hannah and Megan both have ridden the bus with their pups and they are in my same school district. Also, according to the Utah laws I have read what happened to me was illegal. We are fighting this and we would like to know your opinions about this so I posted a poll for you to vote! It should be directly above this post! Thanks!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Weekend Trade/ Loss of Manhood

If you didn't read on Lauren's blog, me and her traded puppies on Wednesday night. I had so much fun with little Spike! It took about an hour for him to realize I was boss but after that he was really good. He did put some holes in my leash :/ but other then that I really enjoyed him! He was so hyper and always wanted to play! We even ran around the yard for fifteen minutes straight and he still wanted to run! We went inside though and I made him play with toy. Here are the pictures from Spike's stay!

^^^ He likes using his paws when he plays^^^

^^^Being a good boy on tie down^^^

^^^ After waiting for what he thought was forever!^^^

On a differant note, Meade is getting neutered tomorrow :(