Monday, December 28, 2009

School, Snow, Christmas.........

Hello again! Where have I been? Oh, no where but home. Procrastinating a blog post.... eating some chocolate oranges.... watching Phineas and Ferb (I just downloaded the music from the series! :D). So yah! I'm back! Now for the bad news. Oh, you didn't know there was bad news? Well, sucks for you. The bad news is: this post won't have pictures!!!!! :'(
Ok, so firstly, the topic you all have been waiting for *drum roll* SCHOOL!!!!!! So here's the 411, the dealy-o, the low down. I put up that one little poster in the drama room. Then I realized that the drama room is in the reject corner. :P So it did no good. So days went by and more people kept touching him. He pooped in the hall once (Having a TEACHER inform you of that splendid tidbit is very embarrassing). So I finally realized I have had the absolute
wrong attitude about taking Meade to school. Everyday I was dreading people petting him without asking and everyday that would happen. So now I will look forward to people asking to pet him. With my new attitude there are only positive things and no negative things! A positive thought is hundreds of times more powerful then a negative thought. So when I go back to school this wonderful thought will be running through my head and EVERYTHING will go amazing! (Is that proper grammar?)
Secondly, SNOW!!!!! We finally got a perma-winter-snow (snow that lasts until spring). Turns out that Meado is afraid of snow. Ok, I should rephrase that. Meade doesn't like snow. It is a big pain when I am trying to relieve him in my PJ's. I have turned to throwing him in the snow and telling him DYB. Throwing him has been getting harder because he is weighing in at about 60 pounds now and is 10 1/2 months old!!
Thirdly, Christmas! Meade got a lovely Jolly Ball! Nearly killed us with it and we have determined it is an outside toy. He also got a new Nylabone and a new sterilized bone. Guess which is his favorite! Yup, the el cheapo sterilized bone. But it kept him busy while my family and I opened presents. What did I get? Oh, just a bunch of iTunes gift cards...... a laptop (:O).... and a SUPER COMPLETELY AWESOME LEASH! It is green just like GDB's jackets and it is the same leather style as GDB's leashes. It even has Meade's name printed on it! Now, I know I said no pictures but I just uploaded this from my cellular.
And where, might you ask, did my wonderful parents find such an awesome gift? Well, Let's just say she has one herself and you can see snippets of it here, she even hand made it.
And now, I shall leave you with this! Good night!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Got Any Ideas of Fun Stuff?

Meade and I have been stuck in a routine rut for the past couple weeks. We have not done anything out of the ordinary. This is the reason why there haven't been any posts lately. :P
Sorry for lack of funness. Meade is 57 pounds now. That's funish. :/ That's about it.

Oh yeah! People at school are still stupid. I asked my mom to get me a stun gun for Christmas so I could taze the people who pet him without asking but she wouldn't go for it. I'm thinking about a squirt bottle... Do you think that's a good idea? Think I would get in trouble at school?