Thursday, December 10, 2009

Got Any Ideas of Fun Stuff?

Meade and I have been stuck in a routine rut for the past couple weeks. We have not done anything out of the ordinary. This is the reason why there haven't been any posts lately. :P
Sorry for lack of funness. Meade is 57 pounds now. That's funish. :/ That's about it.

Oh yeah! People at school are still stupid. I asked my mom to get me a stun gun for Christmas so I could taze the people who pet him without asking but she wouldn't go for it. I'm thinking about a squirt bottle... Do you think that's a good idea? Think I would get in trouble at school?


  1. I think the squirt bottle is a great idea, unfortunately I also think that you would get in trouble.

  2. hahaha I think that is an awesome Idea, however you probably would get in trouble so I'm gonna have to put a bad stamp on it... You could always try this... When people come up to pet him say "No!! He might bite you!!" if they ask "Has he ever bitten anyone before" just say "No, but he might" bahaha... lets hope it never has to come to that lol.

    As for ideas.. You're into drama right? Did I read that here? Do you own a video camera? You should make a movie, like with a plot line and everything... I have always thought Meade resembled a gangster (he just has a gangster face..) anyways, you could make something out of that lol... play with it for a while, see what you can think of..

    Let you know if I get any other ideas :) Good luck with the class-mates!

  3. I used to tell people that the pups just had their flea meds and it will get on their hands. I'm guessing your in middle school right? well I think there is not much you can do, it is kind of the nature of the beast. Just keep mead focused on the job and keep moving. think how well he will do when they test for distractions. :)

    as for things to do, we usually do a lot of shopping. Just running in for eggs or TP, we have our favorite clerks who we stop to talk to. The winter and lack of transportation make your outings dependent on others. While at work I make a point of taking her around to all the offices so she can practice appropriate greetings and down stays.

    dont stress keep up the good work

  4. if people start putting my puppy without asking I just say "don't pet her, she's in training to be a guide dog" or "you can put her once i have her sit, but wait until she sits". for me it was hard to say that, but it's slowly getting easier for me. :)

  5. After a few months of having Gabrina at school I got really good at saying "Gabrina Let's Go" every time someone started to pet her. Most people got the message. You can also stare at people with a look like "what the heck are you doing!?!" And if they ask you if it's okay to be petting him you can say "well no not right now". I know it sounds kinda rude, but sometimes that is the only way to get people to figure it out. Now that everyone at my school knows that they can't pet my dogs with their vest on everyone loves them. And a lot of the time I will take the vest off the last few minutes of class so everyone can get their cuddles in. But make sure you ask the teacher first!