Monday, November 30, 2009

Stuff That Has Happened Around Here

Ok, since I have been pestered by many people here are things that have happened in my life these past couple months......

I got a pair of Toms Shoes. They are AWESOME!!!!! And eco-friendly! :)

I got a B+ in AP Bio. Worst grade I've ever gotten!!! :(

I watched some TV.

I got ticked off when I discovered I don't get the National Geographic Channel. Discovery just won't cut it!

BYU beat the UTES...... LAME!!!! :P

Soooo yeah! There's an update....... One about Meade will come soon.... I promise that it will have many pictures and a story...... :)


  1. Yay! A post! lol
    Are Tom's shoes comfortable.. I wanted to get some but I'm just not sold yet.

    Good job on the AP Bio! I have taken BIO 1, 2 and 3 here at my university and sucked at all of them.. well I made an A in 2 but thats just cause it was easy. Anyways, Good job!

    I get NatGeo nyaa :P lol i'm sorry.. joking on your behalf is not nice lol

  2. Good job trying to please these restless natives, Mitch! I'd like to know how Mitch is doing at school. Any progress with your school mates? Are they being any more respectful? What did Meade do for Thanksgiving?

    You must be bored or procrastinating your homework, or else why else would you be looking at my posts from 8 months ago?! We have Comcast cable for our TV, and they took away National Geographic Channel, so now I don't get to watch Cesar anymore either. Stinkers.

  3. Not only are tom shoes are awesome and eco-friendly you were able to provide shoes to a child who has never had a pair of shoes! can't wait for a Meade update!

  4. Natalie: Yes!! Tom's are very comfortable. They even have arch support which I didn't expect. They also didn't have to be broken in like other shoes when their new.
    Mimi: Haha. I was bored! But, hey! I don't see a reason not to! Your Tuesday Topics were interesting!

  5. Oh yes! Their One for One thing is awesome! My friend started a ministry where he is doing that! Maybe I need a post about that......

  6. Good job in BIO: remember a B is not the end of the world! Haha, but how did Meade take it? How is he doing in school?