Friday, November 13, 2009

Puppy Trade and Fun Stuff

As you may know already Megan and I traded puppies. Here are some pictures of Paris at school.

And here she is in her kennel......

And with Rina.....
Then after Paris left and I got Meade back I took all three puppies outside to play. Here is Rina being a cute little Rat Terrier.....

This isn't a good picture but I think it is cute....

This is just a funny picture. I like how the camera focused on Meade's thigh.

And this is our new neighbour's dog! He is a huge, cute Black Lab!


  1. Nice pictures! How is the whole etiquette thing going at your school and with class-mates? Made any progress?

  2. Meade and Paris are the cutest puppies ever.