Friday, August 28, 2009


Meade's first day of school was today! We got up like we normally do for school and did our normal morning routine until it was time to leave. I think Meade was a little confused when we got in the car because for the past week he has been left at the house when I have gone for school. We drove to school and got out, got him dressed and went in to school. We got there very early to avoids the gobs of students (1800 students in my school, check out what Megan said about it). After a little chit chat with my friends we went to English to get settled. Meade-o was a bit reluctant to go under the desk for about a minute so I had to "encourage" him to go under. I gave him his Goughnut and he settled in and chewed for about half the class and slept for the rest. From then I went out to potty him and we went to Drama! We were stopped in the hall by a very dog enthusiastic teacher who wanted to say hi to him. After that we continued our journey to Drama. We were late. Dangit!!! Next time we won't be stopped....... In Drama I set him under my chair and gave him his Goughnut again. About five minutes into class he thought that it was a good time to start chewing his Goughnut, but this time with a twist. He wasn't chewing it, he was rubbing his teeth agaisnt it to make a nice loud squeeky sound! I then took it away from him and he went to sleep for the rest of class. After that we went to the front office to meet my mom who picked him up. He didn't get to go to 3rd and 4th period because my 3rd period teacher hasn't given me an answer yet (I asked him on the first day of school and at first he thought I was blind and after I explaind my puppy was in training he said he had to talk to the administration even though I told him that they had already said ok.... he's not my favorite teacher....). And that was the end of Meade's school day! He is going back next Tuesday and Thursday too.

And now!!! The moment you've all been waiting for!!!

*drum roll*


^^^Meade just before we left^^^

^^^He wasn't to happy that I put his head collar on him^^^

^^^In English. Do you like his makeshift tie down I made him?^^^

Thursday, August 27, 2009


......Meade will go to school for the first time.

Monday, August 24, 2009


Well, I think Meade was feeling left out of the whole social networking craze so I allowed him to go on Twitter! Check it out! I'm sure he'll have some cute things to say! Meade's Twitter

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Long Overdue Post About Multiple Things

Ok, this is my long overdue post! Sorry about the wait but I'm a major procrastinator and school started this week so I've been busy. First things first, camping.

Taking Meade camping was so much fun! He did eat many things on the ground but other then that we had a good time. We started our camping trip by loading my family into the truck. Meade had to sit on my lap because there was no room on the floor. By the time we got to the mountain my legs were numb (he's a whopping 50 pounds now!!!). At the base of the mountain we stopped at a grocery store so I could get batteries for my camera. He was wonderful in the grocery store and all the employees loved him (like always!). After that we continued our
journey to one of the wonderful forrests of North America! We got to our campsite and unloaded. I had him DYB and then we went to play on a dirt mound that had a hole in it. I tried to get him to go through the hole but he just wouldn't.

^^^Meade at the campsite^^^

^^^ Meade on a big rock^^^

After that we took a four wheeler ride up to a nice little meadow with a creek running through it. I had to ride on the back of the ATV and Meade sat on my lap. It hurt a whole lot!!! When we got there I got in the water with Meade and we had him swim around in the water. I think he enjoyed swimming. After that we explored the meadow. I discovered that Meade likes tall grass. He would run around in it like a maniac!

^^^Exploring the Meadow^^^

^^^Playing in the Water^^^

After that we went back and started a fire. I didn't want Meade to be eating stuff so he was in his kennel or walking with me. He really liked the fire so I set the the end of a stick on fire and showed it to him. He decided it would be okay to sniff the fire........ he learned very quiclckly not to touch it.

After that we went to bed and woke up the next morning. He gladly ate his breakfast. After that we went exploring. When we got back to the campsite it started snowing so we had to leave. Snow in August is not fun.

That was our camping trip!

Second item of buisness! Meade had his six month birthday!!! Time flies, doesn't it?

There was also something else but I forgot what it was............ oh well! I'll just post some pictures I took while camping. :D

^^^Smokey forest from the campfire^^^

^^^A log^^^

^^^The Creek^^^

^^^The Creek^^^

Friday, August 14, 2009

We are going camping!!!

Meade and I are going camping today!! So I promise to take lots of pictures and there will be a post about it Sunday evening!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Meade (will) Go To School!!!

Okay, from the comments I've seen on Sammy's post I think this a subject some people would like to keep taboo! But, you'll have to deal with it because I am an impatient boy!!!! :D

Ok! I need some tips for when I take Meade to school! For those of you who have had a PIT with them will you tell me what worked for you and what didn't? I am pretty sure that they will let me bring him because one of the many (like 5) vice principals is Megan's dad and she says that she has threatened him for me!!! :D What's funny is that her bro-in-law was my vice principal at my middle school last year....

ANYWAY!!!! I really need some tips because I am starting to stress out about it!!!!

Thanks!!!!!!!!! :D

Meade Goes To Work!!!!

Today Meade got to go with my step dad to work! But to tell you that story I have to tell you this story:

(Isn't that super cheesy? :D )

A couple of weeks ago we decided that Meade was old enough to go to work with my step father! So he went to his boss to ask them permission and I guess they didn't know so they went to the next person that was in charge and........ Long story short! The presidant of the company had a meeting with a whole lot of people and they finally decided that he could come for 1 day only for 4 hours :/
It was what I call a "Wonky Wallaby" moment.........

Anyway, so today I had to get up at 4 in the morning and get Meade ready to go! So I waited all day and then he got home and gave me the report: HE WAS WONDERFUL!!!! This is what he emailed to my mom during the day:

Meade was a little wound up after the car ride and jumped on Rick. He
didn't seem to care about it.

Meade is behind me chewing on his rope and snotting up my floor mat. I
don't think the last part will come through on a picture.

I think I might have invented a new game. I have his leash wrapped around
my chair, if he takes off I might go on a ride too.

Sandra just got here, Meade stopped chewing long enough to look at her and
then went right back to chewing. Same thing with Galen, Neil, Kathy and

We went to the park and took a little potty break around 7:00 and then we
were off to see the provider relations people. Meade really liked Chantel,
you could tell by the way he stuck his tongue down her throat. After that
it was time to get ice and take a pawer nap bwahahaha.

Meade really loved playing tug with Jared but Meade got bored with it
before Jared did.

Meade was indifferent to Lee even though Lee grabbed his face and rubbed
noses with him.

And here are the pictures he took today: