Saturday, August 22, 2009

Long Overdue Post About Multiple Things

Ok, this is my long overdue post! Sorry about the wait but I'm a major procrastinator and school started this week so I've been busy. First things first, camping.

Taking Meade camping was so much fun! He did eat many things on the ground but other then that we had a good time. We started our camping trip by loading my family into the truck. Meade had to sit on my lap because there was no room on the floor. By the time we got to the mountain my legs were numb (he's a whopping 50 pounds now!!!). At the base of the mountain we stopped at a grocery store so I could get batteries for my camera. He was wonderful in the grocery store and all the employees loved him (like always!). After that we continued our
journey to one of the wonderful forrests of North America! We got to our campsite and unloaded. I had him DYB and then we went to play on a dirt mound that had a hole in it. I tried to get him to go through the hole but he just wouldn't.

^^^Meade at the campsite^^^

^^^ Meade on a big rock^^^

After that we took a four wheeler ride up to a nice little meadow with a creek running through it. I had to ride on the back of the ATV and Meade sat on my lap. It hurt a whole lot!!! When we got there I got in the water with Meade and we had him swim around in the water. I think he enjoyed swimming. After that we explored the meadow. I discovered that Meade likes tall grass. He would run around in it like a maniac!

^^^Exploring the Meadow^^^

^^^Playing in the Water^^^

After that we went back and started a fire. I didn't want Meade to be eating stuff so he was in his kennel or walking with me. He really liked the fire so I set the the end of a stick on fire and showed it to him. He decided it would be okay to sniff the fire........ he learned very quiclckly not to touch it.

After that we went to bed and woke up the next morning. He gladly ate his breakfast. After that we went exploring. When we got back to the campsite it started snowing so we had to leave. Snow in August is not fun.

That was our camping trip!

Second item of buisness! Meade had his six month birthday!!! Time flies, doesn't it?

There was also something else but I forgot what it was............ oh well! I'll just post some pictures I took while camping. :D

^^^Smokey forest from the campfire^^^

^^^A log^^^

^^^The Creek^^^

^^^The Creek^^^

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  1. Oh my gosh, I can't believe Meade is FIFTY pounds!! And 6 months?! Yes, time does fly. It feels like your countdown while waiting for Meade was just last week!!