Friday, August 28, 2009


Meade's first day of school was today! We got up like we normally do for school and did our normal morning routine until it was time to leave. I think Meade was a little confused when we got in the car because for the past week he has been left at the house when I have gone for school. We drove to school and got out, got him dressed and went in to school. We got there very early to avoids the gobs of students (1800 students in my school, check out what Megan said about it). After a little chit chat with my friends we went to English to get settled. Meade-o was a bit reluctant to go under the desk for about a minute so I had to "encourage" him to go under. I gave him his Goughnut and he settled in and chewed for about half the class and slept for the rest. From then I went out to potty him and we went to Drama! We were stopped in the hall by a very dog enthusiastic teacher who wanted to say hi to him. After that we continued our journey to Drama. We were late. Dangit!!! Next time we won't be stopped....... In Drama I set him under my chair and gave him his Goughnut again. About five minutes into class he thought that it was a good time to start chewing his Goughnut, but this time with a twist. He wasn't chewing it, he was rubbing his teeth agaisnt it to make a nice loud squeeky sound! I then took it away from him and he went to sleep for the rest of class. After that we went to the front office to meet my mom who picked him up. He didn't get to go to 3rd and 4th period because my 3rd period teacher hasn't given me an answer yet (I asked him on the first day of school and at first he thought I was blind and after I explaind my puppy was in training he said he had to talk to the administration even though I told him that they had already said ok.... he's not my favorite teacher....). And that was the end of Meade's school day! He is going back next Tuesday and Thursday too.

And now!!! The moment you've all been waiting for!!!

*drum roll*


^^^Meade just before we left^^^

^^^He wasn't to happy that I put his head collar on him^^^

^^^In English. Do you like his makeshift tie down I made him?^^^


  1. YAY! Sounds like he did great, hopefully you get an answer from that teacher soon. Good job Meade! Can't wait to see you guys again on Wednesday!

  2. He looks just like Alana with that pretty green GL. :) Green is my favorite color of GL because it matches the jackets.

  3. Very inventive idea for the tie down! Great job to you and Meade-o. I hope it's the first day of many for Meade.

  4. Haha.. Meade looks soo happy that he's going to school. He's gonna be a littler nerdy school dog lol.

  5. Those are the best tie downs!
    My wife doesnt tie her Guide under her seat when she is in her classes, but the pup my daughter is raising isnt that well acclimated to school yet, so he gets tied out the same way.
    Once when my wife was in the Disabled Student Center with Roanna (her Guide), a gentleman who has a Golden for a mobility dog came in the room. Roanna was laying under the table where my wife was sitting, and barely raised her head when the mans Golden started lunging and pulling to try and get to Ro. She lifted her head, looked for a moment and dropped it right back down while the other dog was making a spectacle of himself. Roanna's demeanor was something like "Hey, whats YOUR problem, dude?" She got an extra special "scooby snack" from my wife when it was all over, and she had never been so proud of her Guide.

  6. Meade is totally smiling in that first photo.