Monday, December 28, 2009

School, Snow, Christmas.........

Hello again! Where have I been? Oh, no where but home. Procrastinating a blog post.... eating some chocolate oranges.... watching Phineas and Ferb (I just downloaded the music from the series! :D). So yah! I'm back! Now for the bad news. Oh, you didn't know there was bad news? Well, sucks for you. The bad news is: this post won't have pictures!!!!! :'(
Ok, so firstly, the topic you all have been waiting for *drum roll* SCHOOL!!!!!! So here's the 411, the dealy-o, the low down. I put up that one little poster in the drama room. Then I realized that the drama room is in the reject corner. :P So it did no good. So days went by and more people kept touching him. He pooped in the hall once (Having a TEACHER inform you of that splendid tidbit is very embarrassing). So I finally realized I have had the absolute
wrong attitude about taking Meade to school. Everyday I was dreading people petting him without asking and everyday that would happen. So now I will look forward to people asking to pet him. With my new attitude there are only positive things and no negative things! A positive thought is hundreds of times more powerful then a negative thought. So when I go back to school this wonderful thought will be running through my head and EVERYTHING will go amazing! (Is that proper grammar?)
Secondly, SNOW!!!!! We finally got a perma-winter-snow (snow that lasts until spring). Turns out that Meado is afraid of snow. Ok, I should rephrase that. Meade doesn't like snow. It is a big pain when I am trying to relieve him in my PJ's. I have turned to throwing him in the snow and telling him DYB. Throwing him has been getting harder because he is weighing in at about 60 pounds now and is 10 1/2 months old!!
Thirdly, Christmas! Meade got a lovely Jolly Ball! Nearly killed us with it and we have determined it is an outside toy. He also got a new Nylabone and a new sterilized bone. Guess which is his favorite! Yup, the el cheapo sterilized bone. But it kept him busy while my family and I opened presents. What did I get? Oh, just a bunch of iTunes gift cards...... a laptop (:O).... and a SUPER COMPLETELY AWESOME LEASH! It is green just like GDB's jackets and it is the same leather style as GDB's leashes. It even has Meade's name printed on it! Now, I know I said no pictures but I just uploaded this from my cellular.
And where, might you ask, did my wonderful parents find such an awesome gift? Well, Let's just say she has one herself and you can see snippets of it here, she even hand made it.
And now, I shall leave you with this! Good night!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Got Any Ideas of Fun Stuff?

Meade and I have been stuck in a routine rut for the past couple weeks. We have not done anything out of the ordinary. This is the reason why there haven't been any posts lately. :P
Sorry for lack of funness. Meade is 57 pounds now. That's funish. :/ That's about it.

Oh yeah! People at school are still stupid. I asked my mom to get me a stun gun for Christmas so I could taze the people who pet him without asking but she wouldn't go for it. I'm thinking about a squirt bottle... Do you think that's a good idea? Think I would get in trouble at school?

Monday, November 30, 2009

Stuff That Has Happened Around Here

Ok, since I have been pestered by many people here are things that have happened in my life these past couple months......

I got a pair of Toms Shoes. They are AWESOME!!!!! And eco-friendly! :)

I got a B+ in AP Bio. Worst grade I've ever gotten!!! :(

I watched some TV.

I got ticked off when I discovered I don't get the National Geographic Channel. Discovery just won't cut it!

BYU beat the UTES...... LAME!!!! :P

Soooo yeah! There's an update....... One about Meade will come soon.... I promise that it will have many pictures and a story...... :)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Puppy Trade and Fun Stuff

As you may know already Megan and I traded puppies. Here are some pictures of Paris at school.

And here she is in her kennel......

And with Rina.....
Then after Paris left and I got Meade back I took all three puppies outside to play. Here is Rina being a cute little Rat Terrier.....

This isn't a good picture but I think it is cute....

This is just a funny picture. I like how the camera focused on Meade's thigh.

And this is our new neighbour's dog! He is a huge, cute Black Lab!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Oh yeah!

I also wanted to know what you guys thought of the music on the blog! I wanted to make things a little more exciting. I know that its scared me a couple times..... especially when "Love Addict" comes on.... but anyway, I just wanted to know what you thought!


Ok, this is mostly for the people at my school, but I decided it wouldn't hurt anyone to put it on the blog! Lately, (more like since the beginning of the school year....) I have been having trouble with people at school about Meade. They seem to have no respect for him. Until now I have kept quiet and tried to be a people pleaser but now I see that won't work. I am now posting the following in my drama classroom, on Facebook, and here! I wan't to spread the word about this as much as I can. It is partially my fault that people have been so disrespectful (I'm not very assertive....) but now I want to resolve that and let people know the right thing! Thanks!

Hey everyone! I thought you should read this! It is a wonderful piece of information straight from Guide Dogs for the Blind’s website. Remember, this goes for puppies in training too!!!!!
-Mitch and Meade

Saying Hello to a Guide Dog Team!
• As tempting as it may be to pet a Guide Dog, remember that this dog is responsible for leading someone who cannot see. The dog should never be distracted from that duty. A person's safety may depend on their dog's alertness and concentration.
• It is okay to ask someone if you may pet their guide. Many people enjoy introducing their dogs when they have the time. The dog's primary responsibility is to its blind partner and it is important that the dog not become solicitous.
• A Guide Dog should never be offered food or other distracting treats. The dogs are fed on a schedule and follow a specific diet in order to keep them in optimum condition. Even slight deviations from their routine can disrupt their regular eating and relieving schedules and seriously inconvenience their handlers. Guide Dogs are trained to resist offers of food so they will be able to visit restaurants without begging. Feeding treats to a Guide Dog weakens this training.
• Although Guide Dogs cannot read traffic signals, they are responsible for helping their handlers safely cross a street. Calling out to a Guide Dog or intentionally obstructing its path can be dangerous for the team as it could break the dog's concentration on its work.
• Listening for traffic flow has become harder for Guide Dog handlers due to quieter car engines and the increasing number of cars on the road. Please don't honk your horn or call out from your car to signal when it is safe to cross. This can be distracting and confusing. Be especially careful of pedestrians in crosswalks when making right-hand turns at red lights.
• It's not all work and no play for a Guide Dog. When they are not in harness, they are treated in much the same way as pets. However, for their safety they are only allowed to play with specific toys. Please don't offer them toys without first asking their handler's permission.
• In some situations, working with a Guide Dog may not be appropriate. Instead, the handler may prefer to take your arm just above the elbow and allow their dog to heel. Others will prefer to have their dog follow you. In this case, be sure to talk to the handler and not the dog when giving directions for turns.
• A Guide Dog can make mistakes and must be corrected in order to maintain its training. This correction usually involves a verbal admonishment coupled with a leash correction, followed by praise when the dog regains focus and correctly follows a command. Guide Dog handlers have been taught the appropriate correction methods to use with their dogs.
• Access laws, including the United States' Americans with Disabilities Act and Canada's Blind Persons' Rights Act, permit people who are blind to be accompanied by their guide dogs anywhere the general public is allowed, including taxis and buses, restaurants, theaters, stores, schools, hotels, apartment and office buildings.
• Before asking a question of a person handling a dog, allow them to complete the task at hand.
• Remain calm in your approach and mannerisms.
• Never tease a dog.

Meade, the puppy I am training!

P.S. There will be an exciting post come Thursday......Friday.....Saturday-ish!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I might not be the best blogger...

Ok! I am so sorry I haven't done a post in a while! So here is an update of things:
-Meade can not come on the bus. I'll do a longer post on that later.
-Meade learned to do his puppy push ups!
-And finally, at school everyone adresses Meade before me and now I respond to Meade more then I respond to Mitch. Does anyone else do this?
And of course here is a picture of him in school!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Ok, our leader is trying to get Meade and I to be allowed on the bus. She has made a whole lot of calls and we will most likely win! :)

Once we know for sure what will be happening I will let you know!

Monday, September 14, 2009


Today was Meades first day going on the school bus! This morning we went on the bus and the bus driver gave us a weird look (when I asked her if I could bring Meade she never gave me an actual answer so I just brought him). We went to school and everything was all hunky dorey the whole day. But alas, when I went to take him on the bus to go home we were denied access. Apparently, he is a danger to the children. We know for a fact that Hannah and Megan both have ridden the bus with their pups and they are in my same school district. Also, according to the Utah laws I have read what happened to me was illegal. We are fighting this and we would like to know your opinions about this so I posted a poll for you to vote! It should be directly above this post! Thanks!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Weekend Trade/ Loss of Manhood

If you didn't read on Lauren's blog, me and her traded puppies on Wednesday night. I had so much fun with little Spike! It took about an hour for him to realize I was boss but after that he was really good. He did put some holes in my leash :/ but other then that I really enjoyed him! He was so hyper and always wanted to play! We even ran around the yard for fifteen minutes straight and he still wanted to run! We went inside though and I made him play with toy. Here are the pictures from Spike's stay!

^^^ He likes using his paws when he plays^^^

^^^Being a good boy on tie down^^^

^^^ After waiting for what he thought was forever!^^^

On a differant note, Meade is getting neutered tomorrow :(

Friday, August 28, 2009


Meade's first day of school was today! We got up like we normally do for school and did our normal morning routine until it was time to leave. I think Meade was a little confused when we got in the car because for the past week he has been left at the house when I have gone for school. We drove to school and got out, got him dressed and went in to school. We got there very early to avoids the gobs of students (1800 students in my school, check out what Megan said about it). After a little chit chat with my friends we went to English to get settled. Meade-o was a bit reluctant to go under the desk for about a minute so I had to "encourage" him to go under. I gave him his Goughnut and he settled in and chewed for about half the class and slept for the rest. From then I went out to potty him and we went to Drama! We were stopped in the hall by a very dog enthusiastic teacher who wanted to say hi to him. After that we continued our journey to Drama. We were late. Dangit!!! Next time we won't be stopped....... In Drama I set him under my chair and gave him his Goughnut again. About five minutes into class he thought that it was a good time to start chewing his Goughnut, but this time with a twist. He wasn't chewing it, he was rubbing his teeth agaisnt it to make a nice loud squeeky sound! I then took it away from him and he went to sleep for the rest of class. After that we went to the front office to meet my mom who picked him up. He didn't get to go to 3rd and 4th period because my 3rd period teacher hasn't given me an answer yet (I asked him on the first day of school and at first he thought I was blind and after I explaind my puppy was in training he said he had to talk to the administration even though I told him that they had already said ok.... he's not my favorite teacher....). And that was the end of Meade's school day! He is going back next Tuesday and Thursday too.

And now!!! The moment you've all been waiting for!!!

*drum roll*


^^^Meade just before we left^^^

^^^He wasn't to happy that I put his head collar on him^^^

^^^In English. Do you like his makeshift tie down I made him?^^^

Thursday, August 27, 2009


......Meade will go to school for the first time.

Monday, August 24, 2009


Well, I think Meade was feeling left out of the whole social networking craze so I allowed him to go on Twitter! Check it out! I'm sure he'll have some cute things to say! Meade's Twitter

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Long Overdue Post About Multiple Things

Ok, this is my long overdue post! Sorry about the wait but I'm a major procrastinator and school started this week so I've been busy. First things first, camping.

Taking Meade camping was so much fun! He did eat many things on the ground but other then that we had a good time. We started our camping trip by loading my family into the truck. Meade had to sit on my lap because there was no room on the floor. By the time we got to the mountain my legs were numb (he's a whopping 50 pounds now!!!). At the base of the mountain we stopped at a grocery store so I could get batteries for my camera. He was wonderful in the grocery store and all the employees loved him (like always!). After that we continued our
journey to one of the wonderful forrests of North America! We got to our campsite and unloaded. I had him DYB and then we went to play on a dirt mound that had a hole in it. I tried to get him to go through the hole but he just wouldn't.

^^^Meade at the campsite^^^

^^^ Meade on a big rock^^^

After that we took a four wheeler ride up to a nice little meadow with a creek running through it. I had to ride on the back of the ATV and Meade sat on my lap. It hurt a whole lot!!! When we got there I got in the water with Meade and we had him swim around in the water. I think he enjoyed swimming. After that we explored the meadow. I discovered that Meade likes tall grass. He would run around in it like a maniac!

^^^Exploring the Meadow^^^

^^^Playing in the Water^^^

After that we went back and started a fire. I didn't want Meade to be eating stuff so he was in his kennel or walking with me. He really liked the fire so I set the the end of a stick on fire and showed it to him. He decided it would be okay to sniff the fire........ he learned very quiclckly not to touch it.

After that we went to bed and woke up the next morning. He gladly ate his breakfast. After that we went exploring. When we got back to the campsite it started snowing so we had to leave. Snow in August is not fun.

That was our camping trip!

Second item of buisness! Meade had his six month birthday!!! Time flies, doesn't it?

There was also something else but I forgot what it was............ oh well! I'll just post some pictures I took while camping. :D

^^^Smokey forest from the campfire^^^

^^^A log^^^

^^^The Creek^^^

^^^The Creek^^^

Friday, August 14, 2009

We are going camping!!!

Meade and I are going camping today!! So I promise to take lots of pictures and there will be a post about it Sunday evening!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Meade (will) Go To School!!!

Okay, from the comments I've seen on Sammy's post I think this a subject some people would like to keep taboo! But, you'll have to deal with it because I am an impatient boy!!!! :D

Ok! I need some tips for when I take Meade to school! For those of you who have had a PIT with them will you tell me what worked for you and what didn't? I am pretty sure that they will let me bring him because one of the many (like 5) vice principals is Megan's dad and she says that she has threatened him for me!!! :D What's funny is that her bro-in-law was my vice principal at my middle school last year....

ANYWAY!!!! I really need some tips because I am starting to stress out about it!!!!

Thanks!!!!!!!!! :D

Meade Goes To Work!!!!

Today Meade got to go with my step dad to work! But to tell you that story I have to tell you this story:

(Isn't that super cheesy? :D )

A couple of weeks ago we decided that Meade was old enough to go to work with my step father! So he went to his boss to ask them permission and I guess they didn't know so they went to the next person that was in charge and........ Long story short! The presidant of the company had a meeting with a whole lot of people and they finally decided that he could come for 1 day only for 4 hours :/
It was what I call a "Wonky Wallaby" moment.........

Anyway, so today I had to get up at 4 in the morning and get Meade ready to go! So I waited all day and then he got home and gave me the report: HE WAS WONDERFUL!!!! This is what he emailed to my mom during the day:

Meade was a little wound up after the car ride and jumped on Rick. He
didn't seem to care about it.

Meade is behind me chewing on his rope and snotting up my floor mat. I
don't think the last part will come through on a picture.

I think I might have invented a new game. I have his leash wrapped around
my chair, if he takes off I might go on a ride too.

Sandra just got here, Meade stopped chewing long enough to look at her and
then went right back to chewing. Same thing with Galen, Neil, Kathy and

We went to the park and took a little potty break around 7:00 and then we
were off to see the provider relations people. Meade really liked Chantel,
you could tell by the way he stuck his tongue down her throat. After that
it was time to get ice and take a pawer nap bwahahaha.

Meade really loved playing tug with Jared but Meade got bored with it
before Jared did.

Meade was indifferent to Lee even though Lee grabbed his face and rubbed
noses with him.

And here are the pictures he took today:

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hello WORLD!!!!

I'm back from Idaho!!! HAHA!!! You didn't even know that I left, did you?

There will be a better post later.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Slip and Slide

Today Meade took his first trip to the supermarket! We went in and went to the back of the store to get some milk and he started walking funny. So I started watching closer to see what was wrong and he was slipping on the floor. How do you get your puppies not to slip? Or do the just have to learn how to walk on the slippery floors?

Sorry, no pictures!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Styptic powder.........

Today I went to clip Meade's nails and I got the little tub of styptic powder just in case. I turned my head away for one second and......

Sorry that it is such a poor picture! The ghostly glow is the styptic powder!

P.S. What do you think of the new header?

Sunday, June 21, 2009


I was recently exploring the internet and found a cool website where you can morph peoples faces together!!! They have a ton of celebrity photos that you can morph with! So I checked it out and not only can you morph humans but you can also morph dogs! So I uploaded my dogs photos and morphed them with me! Enjoy!

Me and Meade morphed!

Me and Rina morphed

Me and Cruiser morphed

I think that everyone should do this now! It is really easy and fun! Go to and up top there is a button that says "upload"! Just upload your (and your pup's) picture, prepare it and morph!! When preparing yout puppies face if you can't see one of their facial features then try to imagine them as a human! You'll get what I'm saying when you get there!


Guess who is morphed with who in this picture!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Take Meade out to the Ballgame!

On Wednesday I took Meade to a minor league baseball game! I don't really like baseball but my parents thought it would be a good outing for him so we went! We got there and had to park FAR away from the stadium so we walked and crossed a few streets. Meade was very good crossing them and didn't really care about the cars! So then we got to the stadium and went in! Meade was really good while we walked to our seats. The people passing weren't so good, one of them almost stepped on his paw!!! (He really hates when his paws get squished! He screams bloody murder) The staff also gave us weird looks, but we continued on until we got to our seats. In outfield. On the cold ground :/.
Meado then had a rush of adrenaline and could not be controlled!!! So I walked him around and we played and when he finally started to go to sleep....!!!......!!!......!!!......!!!

(Suspenseful enough?)

It started raining really hard and we had to leave :/

The one good picture of him at the game

Sunday, June 14, 2009

First Outings

Well, yesterday Meade got his jacket!!! It's the smallest size and he doesn't fit into it very well...

So after he got his jacket we went to the library. He was SO good. It was kind of scary.

And then after the library we went to one of those farmer stores to get him some more food, but they didn't carry it so we went over to where they were selling the chickens and ducks. Meade was to small to see where they had the baby ducks but he was big enough to see the chicks!

They were afraid of him and ran away when he got to close to the cage. They were curious though, as you can see in the next picture.

And then, FINALLY we got to go home. He was a very tired puppy!

That was yesterday, today he got to go to church with me! We got up in the morning and I played with him so he would get tired and hopefully sleep the whole time! Then we got into the car and made our way there! When we got there and got out of the car two people came up and they were walking their golden retrievers. One of them saw Meade and asked me "Is he a golden retriever?"

That was my first weird comment in puppy raising.

ANYWAY, the rest of church went fine. Everyone loved him and he loved everyone. And he slept! The only problems I had were when he threw a tantrum about his head collar. And telling people his name. They always think that his name is "me" then I have to say "no, meaDe" and if they still don't know I'll spell it out. I'm thinking of just introducing him as Meado from now on...


Have you ever seen a black GOLDEN retriever?


If people don't understand your puppies name what do you say?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Meado's Siblings!!! *******EDIT*******

I have been researching Meade's siblings this past week (see the list of them in his stats over there →). I have found Mara, Marlowe, Mia, and Monet. All of his sisters except Misty, and I haven't found any of his brothers. Mara, first af all, is in my puppy club! Here is a picture of her!!

And Mia is in Colorado! I have contacted the group that she is in and hope to hear from her
raisers soon! Here she is!

And Monet is in California. I am in touch with her raisers. She is a very special puppy. As it says on her clubs website "While all of puppies are special, Monet is even more so as she is a heart surgerysurvivor. A minor heart defect was detected early on and surgery was performed. This is one of at least 7 puppies who have had this work done by GDB. " I don't have a photo of her though.

And lastly, Marlowe. She is in norhthern Utah. I haven't yet contacted her raisers!! And I don't have a picture.

Here is a better picure of Mara.

She looks a lot like Rina in the way her head is shaped. She kind of has a princessy look. And she has a really manly bark.

P.s. MEADE IS LEGAL!!! We went to get his shots this morning. I would like to say that he was very good for the vet but......... yah. He wouldn't let her look in his ears. Usually he is wonderful when we play with his ears. :/

Here he is from this morning after the shots.