Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Meade (will) Go To School!!!

Okay, from the comments I've seen on Sammy's post I think this a subject some people would like to keep taboo! But, you'll have to deal with it because I am an impatient boy!!!! :D

Ok! I need some tips for when I take Meade to school! For those of you who have had a PIT with them will you tell me what worked for you and what didn't? I am pretty sure that they will let me bring him because one of the many (like 5) vice principals is Megan's dad and she says that she has threatened him for me!!! :D What's funny is that her bro-in-law was my vice principal at my middle school last year....

ANYWAY!!!! I really need some tips because I am starting to stress out about it!!!!

Thanks!!!!!!!!! :D


  1. 1. Be ready for lots of people saying "There's a dog in here"
    2. Be ready for super crowded hallways..more so be ready to keep Meade close so he doesn't get stepped on
    3. Learn to carry books and be able to do a correction without dropping everything
    4. Be ready for lots of weird looks
    5. Bring toys in case he gets bored
    6. There will be lots of questions...unless someone else has brought a dog before
    7. Don't bring him until you know where all your classes are
    8. Learn to ignore the rude people who try to distract Meade
    9. If Meade likes to greet people a headcollar is a wonderful tool. It makes navigating halls so much easier. It also makes corrections lots easier.
    10. Don't stress too much. The first few days are awkward but before you know it Meade will be loved by everyone!

  2. I don't let people pet my dog during school. If you let "just one" kid pet the puppy, then you have a huge crowd following you. And then you can't go anywhere without having to stop, which leads to tardies. :)

    Also, make sure he doesn't try to eat gum off the bottom of the desks. It sounds like a weird thing, but trust me when I say it's definitely a possible scenario. ;)

    Have fun! If Meade is anything at all like his half-sister, he will be an AMAZING school boy!

  3. Oh and the teachers are usually worse about petting than the students are! Especially men. haha

  4. I'm glad you are going to take him to school. I learned about puppy raising by a classmate who took her PIT to school.

  5. Mitch,
    I have taken both my puppies to school and have had no problems, usually the most problems occur when they are young (4-6 months)but no major problems that have caused my dogs not to be able to come, but I also went to a middle school where my club leader worked for 20+ years and the school allowed CC`d and PIT dogs, so my school was very used to dogs and very resonable with accidents, behavior, etc. So I guess the big thing is make a good impression to your teachers and show you can still stay focued and don`t let anyone pet him, that just always causes issues and then you`ll have the entire school wanting to pet him.

    I hope this all helps! I am sure Meade will do great and with my puppies it has been great for them to go daily and be around all the surroundings (slamming lockers, crowds, yelling, bells) as I see it help them a lot when you got o big events when they are older. Good luck I am sure it`ll all go great!