Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Meade Goes To Work!!!!

Today Meade got to go with my step dad to work! But to tell you that story I have to tell you this story:

(Isn't that super cheesy? :D )

A couple of weeks ago we decided that Meade was old enough to go to work with my step father! So he went to his boss to ask them permission and I guess they didn't know so they went to the next person that was in charge and........ Long story short! The presidant of the company had a meeting with a whole lot of people and they finally decided that he could come for 1 day only for 4 hours :/
It was what I call a "Wonky Wallaby" moment.........

Anyway, so today I had to get up at 4 in the morning and get Meade ready to go! So I waited all day and then he got home and gave me the report: HE WAS WONDERFUL!!!! This is what he emailed to my mom during the day:

Meade was a little wound up after the car ride and jumped on Rick. He
didn't seem to care about it.

Meade is behind me chewing on his rope and snotting up my floor mat. I
don't think the last part will come through on a picture.

I think I might have invented a new game. I have his leash wrapped around
my chair, if he takes off I might go on a ride too.

Sandra just got here, Meade stopped chewing long enough to look at her and
then went right back to chewing. Same thing with Galen, Neil, Kathy and

We went to the park and took a little potty break around 7:00 and then we
were off to see the provider relations people. Meade really liked Chantel,
you could tell by the way he stuck his tongue down her throat. After that
it was time to get ice and take a pawer nap bwahahaha.

Meade really loved playing tug with Jared but Meade got bored with it
before Jared did.

Meade was indifferent to Lee even though Lee grabbed his face and rubbed
noses with him.

And here are the pictures he took today:

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  1. WOW I cant believe how big he has gotten!!! Glad to hear that he did well at work!!