Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Meado's Siblings!!! *******EDIT*******

I have been researching Meade's siblings this past week (see the list of them in his stats over there →). I have found Mara, Marlowe, Mia, and Monet. All of his sisters except Misty, and I haven't found any of his brothers. Mara, first af all, is in my puppy club! Here is a picture of her!!

And Mia is in Colorado! I have contacted the group that she is in and hope to hear from her
raisers soon! Here she is!

And Monet is in California. I am in touch with her raisers. She is a very special puppy. As it says on her clubs website "While all of puppies are special, Monet is even more so as she is a heart surgerysurvivor. A minor heart defect was detected early on and surgery was performed. This is one of at least 7 puppies who have had this work done by GDB. " I don't have a photo of her though.

And lastly, Marlowe. She is in norhthern Utah. I haven't yet contacted her raisers!! And I don't have a picture.

Here is a better picure of Mara.

She looks a lot like Rina in the way her head is shaped. She kind of has a princessy look. And she has a really manly bark.

P.s. MEADE IS LEGAL!!! We went to get his shots this morning. I would like to say that he was very good for the vet but......... yah. He wouldn't let her look in his ears. Usually he is wonderful when we play with his ears. :/

Here he is from this morning after the shots.


  1. Marlowe's raisers are great! She is the leader of the club up here, and I am sure she would love to send you a picture of her.

  2. They looks so alike! Yay for being legal! That is always SO nice!