Tuesday, June 2, 2009

(late) Spring Cleaning

Well, since I am now out of school and don't have much to do during the day my mom has put me to work! I am now doing lots and lots of chores for her! Today I am cleaning the living room! So first I vacuumed.We have a wonderful vacuum! It is the Dyson Animal!!! It IS the VERY BEST for animal hair!! Of course they just came out with a newer version and we have the ghetto one...... so now it might be second best....Anyway, here is the canister before vacuuming! 

And here is is after! It is so full of hair and dust that you can barley see inside!!!!

Then I decided to try and clean the carpet where Meade has had the most accidents. I used this stuff called Zorb that came with the vacuum. It is lemony smelling and yellow and looks like sawdust or couscous.....

It didn't work. :( 
But the carpet smells good now :D

Here are some photos of Meade from photo shoot day!


  1. That last photo is scary! ;) Meade's a cute little boy. He's really making me miss my Elsa girl.

  2. That last photo is SO funny! Sounds like the cleaning is going well!