Thursday, May 28, 2009

Photo Shoot Tomorrow!!!!

Well! I am done with school! And junior high! :D I am very unique because here in Utah the school system is a bit wacko! Elementary school is 1st-6th grade, Junior high is 7th-9th grade and high school is all of the rest! But not for me! The 8th grade class at my school will be going to a new high school that they are building!!! Because my school is over crowded! (Utah=TONS of kids!). Yah.... so that was pretty exciting for me!

I am having a photo shoot for Meado tomorrow so that I can get lots and lots of pictures! We have decided that he is cute enough to be in the GDB calender! Who knows? We will see when the time comes!!! By the way.... If anyone could get me information of when you can send in the photos and such could you tell me? Thank ya! :]


  1. GDB usually starts taking calendar submissions in February and the deadline is in April. They send out numerous reminders when it comes time. So you have plenty of months to take some good pictures for the 2011 calendar. :)

    Where I live, elementary school is Kindergarten-7th and high school is 8th-12th because there's no money for a middle school. It's a pretty dumb system if you ask me.

  2. Oh good!! I will have plenty of time!