Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Meade is so very very smart! But stubborn! He is doing so good at his commands! Come is his favorite and he will do it EVERY single time! No joke! And he is very good on walks! And here are some pictures! YAY!!!

Here is a Chihuahua that sometimes comes and watches Meado when we are outside!

And here is Meado being good for a change! He is waiting so patiently to go outside!

And since I feel like I'm bragging tell me what your puppy's did well at when they were roughly 11 weeks old! Were they awesome angels or devils?

P.S. This had to be edited so much because it was making my words wacky! If it showed up like five to ten times in your dashboard I'm sorry!


  1. Westin is a smarty, too :) He knows sit and does it without kibble, he does down and I sometimes use kibble for that one...he will run to the door and sit (most of the time) if he has to go out. But then again he is LOUD!!!!

  2. Eclipse and Eva were both quite sick at 11 weeks but doing well (I had them both during the day since Coreena couldn't take her to work) They were both doing well with "sit", "down", "kennel", "let's go", "wait", "ok" and just chilling out. They both were in a fear stage though and were afraid of dogs behind fences and barking dogs and Eclipse was already Highly dog distracted (still is!) but were generally very nice pups to have around despite the constant need to go out and not eating or maintaining their weight!

  3. I've said it before, but I'll once again state that your boy seems just like my little Alana! She was super smart (a little too smart, to be honest).

  4. Brianna (my current puppy) is really smart and laid-back at 10 1/2 weeks (close enough to 11 right?!). Penelope (my first pup) was smart too, but starting to show her stubborn side and be a bit distractable.
    Meade looks like fun. =) I'm enjoying reading your blog on him!

  5. At around 11 weeks, Cabana was very good at doing her business outside. We got her at 10 weeks, and after a week, she was already 95% housebroken. But the problem was that, back then, she would tell us she needed to go out by barking or biting our hands--not really desirable ways to notify us. But thankfully, we got her to stop doing those things after a couple more weeks.