Saturday, May 16, 2009

Stupid Puppy...........

Wow... Meade seems extremely stupid today. I got his lunch ready and set it on the kitchen floor. He was on tie down in the other room. I told my mom to let him off tie down and I would catch him and make him wait for his food. So she let him off and he.........

note: there is a couch seprating the room he was in and the kitchen

...................... he tried to jump over the couch! It didn't work. 

Puppies are confusing. What was going through his head? 

Anyway, Guess What?

GDB fun day 2009 will be on my birthday!!!! :D (Well, in Oregon anyway!)
You guys should find out when it is so you know my birthday! Then on my birthday you can shower me with love!! HAHAHAHAHA! Just Kidding! HAHAHA!

I wanna make pineapple flavored butter.


  1. puppies are the best things to make you laugh. :)

  2. Stupid?!?! I don't think so! If he had to go around the couch to get to the food bowl, doesn't it make sense that it is shorter to just go over the couch? I'm with Meade - the shortest distance to food is the way to go! ;)

    Be careful though! I once gave the come command while sitting on a couch. Shortest distance was to vault the arm. 70 pound male lab at a good run head butted my face. And that, my friends, is how I ended up with a dislocated jaw and a bloody nose. Live and learn!