Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pictures!!!! Woohoo!!!

Well, lately Meado has been working on Go To Bed...... Here is what happened!

"Mitchie, will you give me kibble?"

Oh!!! He is starting to get it!!!

Nevermind! Back to begging......

And he also has moved into his big boy kennel!!!

He's a bit small....

Oh yeah!!! QUESTION!!!! What kind of thing interest you about Meade? What kind of posts do you want in the blog (Eg. Places we've been, puppy class, training, personality)?


  1. Yes, all of the above. Looks like Meade is better at GTB than Spanky is. . . *Sigh* we keep working though. LOL He looks so small in the big boy kennel!! And I love the begging picture too, what a goofy boy!

  2. Yes, as Megan said all of the above. Meade and Journey I am pretty sure are getting it better then Fullerton (who Megan called Spanky). Thats exciting he moved into his big boy kennel.

  3. Another vote for all of the above. :P I'd love to hear anything about Meade and what he is up to.

  4. I would vote for all of the above. I like seeing the places all of the dogs in training get to go. :)

  5. I think any of those would be cool! I love hearing all about the pup's life! He looks so itty bitty in that crate! It's so cute!

  6. Jeepers, I totally called Fullerton, Spanky in my comment. . . dunno what I was thinking. Woops!! *embarrasing!*