Thursday, June 4, 2009

Meado's Siblings!!!

I have been researching Meade's siblings this past week (see the list of them in his stats over there →). I have found Mara, Marlowe, Mia, and Monet. All of his sisters except Misty, and I haven't found any of his brothers. Mara, first af all, is in my puppy club! Here is a picture of her!!

And Mia is in Colorado! I have contacted the group that she is in and hope to hear from her raisers soon! Here she is!

And Monet is in California. I am in touch with her raisers. She is a very special puppy. As it says on her clubs website "While all of puppies are special, Monet is even more so as she is a heart surgery survivor. A minor heart defect was detected early on and surgery was performed. This is one of at least 7 puppies who have had this work done by GDB. " I don't have a photo of her though.

And lastly, Marlowe. She is in norhthern Utah. I haven't yet contacted her raisers!! And I don't have a picture.


  1. How did you find Meade's siblings? I've never been able to find any of Cabana's.

  2. Haha!! I went to my puppy clubs website and then I clicked on the "links" tab and looked at EVERY SINGLE puppy club website and looked ate their current puppies!! It took a looooong time!! :D