Sunday, June 14, 2009

First Outings

Well, yesterday Meade got his jacket!!! It's the smallest size and he doesn't fit into it very well...

So after he got his jacket we went to the library. He was SO good. It was kind of scary.

And then after the library we went to one of those farmer stores to get him some more food, but they didn't carry it so we went over to where they were selling the chickens and ducks. Meade was to small to see where they had the baby ducks but he was big enough to see the chicks!

They were afraid of him and ran away when he got to close to the cage. They were curious though, as you can see in the next picture.

And then, FINALLY we got to go home. He was a very tired puppy!

That was yesterday, today he got to go to church with me! We got up in the morning and I played with him so he would get tired and hopefully sleep the whole time! Then we got into the car and made our way there! When we got there and got out of the car two people came up and they were walking their golden retrievers. One of them saw Meade and asked me "Is he a golden retriever?"

That was my first weird comment in puppy raising.

ANYWAY, the rest of church went fine. Everyone loved him and he loved everyone. And he slept! The only problems I had were when he threw a tantrum about his head collar. And telling people his name. They always think that his name is "me" then I have to say "no, meaDe" and if they still don't know I'll spell it out. I'm thinking of just introducing him as Meado from now on...


Have you ever seen a black GOLDEN retriever?


If people don't understand your puppies name what do you say?


  1. No, I've never seen a black golden retriever, but I do have a black half golden retriever. :P

    I also once got asked if my white poodle was a black lab.

  2. I have not seen a black golden but have seen a black LGX who has a long furry coat. So he looks JUST like a black golden.

    Looks like fun! Don't worry there will be many more weird comments to come. Looks like fun, Meade sounds like he was a good boy!

  3. They may have known that GDB has black crosses and just got the question out wrong /grin/ I get asked all the time if Eola's a lab but she does have fairly short hair /grin/

    As for the name, I don't worry about it. If I'm having a conversation with someone I'll try to explain like Eola I just say we call her Ebola and they usually get it. As for Meade maybe you could say like "seed" or something of the sort to help people understand. Otherwise just let them think his name is wrong /grin/

  4. When I had Andros, or Andi people thought his name was Andrew and one lady thought his name was Sandy! :)

  5. I haven't ever seen a black golden retreiver. My suggestion would be to say his name is " Lake Meade" I almost alway have to say "like Calvin and Hobbs" when I tell people Hobbs' name.

  6. with Waffle (Female BLACK Lab) I would always get a double take, but my the time I got Lani, I really didn't care if they got her name right. All my coworkers are confused whose who anyway. Three black labs in a row and folks are so confused.

  7. There really isn't such a thing as a black Golden Retriever. There is a whole separate breed called the Flat Coated Retriever, and it really does look like a black golden. It's just a little smaller. Welcome to the world of raising, you will hear all kinds of strange comments.

    I like Briattany's idea of itroducing him. When I introduce Aislin I always have to spell it right afterwards or they would never get it.

  8. Alana was a black Golden Retriever as well! A good option for the name dilemma is make up a fake name, hence "Jimmy", in my case. ;)

  9. I get a lot of "Kelsey" - I say no, Chelsie, like Chelsea Clinton...

  10. After Arturo, I came up with similarities. Like with Lawrence, I'd say Lawrence of Arabia. Or with Janda, I say "it's like Panda with a 'J'" :)