Friday, June 19, 2009

Take Meade out to the Ballgame!

On Wednesday I took Meade to a minor league baseball game! I don't really like baseball but my parents thought it would be a good outing for him so we went! We got there and had to park FAR away from the stadium so we walked and crossed a few streets. Meade was very good crossing them and didn't really care about the cars! So then we got to the stadium and went in! Meade was really good while we walked to our seats. The people passing weren't so good, one of them almost stepped on his paw!!! (He really hates when his paws get squished! He screams bloody murder) The staff also gave us weird looks, but we continued on until we got to our seats. In outfield. On the cold ground :/.
Meado then had a rush of adrenaline and could not be controlled!!! So I walked him around and we played and when he finally started to go to sleep....!!!......!!!......!!!......!!!

(Suspenseful enough?)

It started raining really hard and we had to leave :/

The one good picture of him at the game

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