Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I might not be the best blogger...

Ok! I am so sorry I haven't done a post in a while! So here is an update of things:
-Meade can not come on the bus. I'll do a longer post on that later.
-Meade learned to do his puppy push ups!
-And finally, at school everyone adresses Meade before me and now I respond to Meade more then I respond to Mitch. Does anyone else do this?
And of course here is a picture of him in school!


  1. Oh my gosh.. I'm so sorry that they pay attention to you first.. Darrell gets that some times with his guide dog Egypt.. He has one professor that doesn't even talk to him, only her.. When she does talk to Darrell, she asks questions about Egypt.. He gets pretty frustrated but at the same time.. people actually talk to him now and help him if he gets lost. People were always too scared before he had her. Still.. I'm not going to pretend it doesn't bother me when we're walking and people don't even look at us.. just start talking to her. :( oh well

  2. He's getting so handsome! Too bad they won't let him on the bus. Good boy Meade for learning to do the "push ups"! I haven't taken Don to school yet, but at church I'm known as "the dog trainer." Few people there know what my dog's name is- I think I'm starting to respond to "look, its a puppy" I must say, I know most people in my puppy club by the name of their dog :)

  3. That's okay, Mitch, we forgive you! But I did wonder about Meade being able to ride the bus. I'm sorry he's not allowed. Let us know what happened!

  4. I know what you mean with people greeting the pup first. My first pup, Hart, was always hogging the spotlight :) and now Pepe with his "cuteness" My friends run over screaming PEPE! then look at me, "oh, hey Emily" Man, they sure hog the attention :)

  5. Dont worry.......Guide users get the same thing. My wife is always having to tell people to address her and not her Guide. So, things dont change that much after graduation.....

  6. Forgot to add.....
    It gets even worse after graduation.
    My wife was in the town Christmas parade, walking in front of the Lions Eyemobile with her Guide one year. As she passed some of her fellow students from the local college she was attending, one of them screamed out: "Hey......I go to school with that dog!"
    It never ends.................