Tuesday, May 25, 2010

KSDS, Last Days of School, etc.....

On the 15th I went to Kansas for my cousin's graduation. By chance my cousin lives in Washington, KS where KSDS is located. I decided to take a tour and had a lot of fun. They had some 8 week old puppies that were cute. They also have some resident cats there for training. They are very friendly cats.

^^^There's nothing like a puppy hug to make you feel better^^^

^^^After a lot of time trying to figure out what KSDS stands for I finally did! :D ^^^

Except they changed their name to KSDS a long time ago and it's just KSDS inc. now...

^^^ This is a really good picture I took in Kansas that I am pretty proud of :) ^^^


I didn't get to take Meade to Kansas because I didn't think he would like a 14 hour car ride. So he went to stay with Gabby, a soon to be puppy raiser.

On a different note School is almost out and Meade is enjoying his last days at WHS. He has made a lot of friends there and has had a lot of fun. One of his favorite people in the world works there, my Drama teacher. He is in love with her and starts to wag like crazy every time he sees her. I know Meade will miss the school but tomorrow he is going to make his mark there. Tomorrow we get our yearbooks and he will even get to "sign" everybody's. I made him little labels with his name and picture so that no one will forget him.

^^^A picture of Meade I took in my photography class^^^

Now for the 'etc' part of my post...

Marlowe, Mia and Mulder are all in phase 1 right now which means:

It's getting close to that time.......

As you may know I have had Meade for over a year now and he is 15 months old. Which means it's recall time. He has been on tentative recall for June 27th for about a month now but then we got news of an Oregon bound puppy truck needing more puppies for June 12 and my Meado got put onto that truck for sure. I only have less then three weeks with him.... but he is smart and loves to work and he will do great :D


  1. Good luck to Meade on his future adventures! Glad you got to tour our small school. Hope you waved "hi" to Ellie's siblings!!!

  2. Good luck Meade! Can't wait to follow along on the phase reports. Will you be getting another puppy?

  3. Wow, I'm flashing back to your weeks and weeks of counting down to getting Meade. And now he's going back--already! Hope you have an awesome next three weeks together!

  4. Good luck to Meade! I'm sure he'll have a fun time at doggy college. Sounds like a fun trip- nice photos!

  5. Good luck Meade! You are gunna do great!

  6. Mead is going back early? Sad! I know your boy will do wonders though. Thankfully you will only have two weeks without a puppy. I cannot wait to find out what you get. :)