Friday, July 2, 2010

Phase Report #2 & #3

First of all, thank you for sending the phase report to me last week if you did!
Secondly, last week Meade was in Phase 0. I was confused until I saw that all the puppies that went back with him (I'm assuming they are all in the same string) were in 0 too. That was kind of tramatic for me but I got through it and now this week Meade is back in phase 1, as are most of (what I think is) his string. Except his brother McQueen. So GO MEADE!!! And good luck to McQueen. Two of his litter mates have already been career changed and I don't want any more!


  1. I noticed Marlowe wasn't on the phase report this week. Do you know why he was CC'd? I'm still confused as to what phase 0 means. I haven't seen any pup in 0 until April then all of a sudden all these puppies were in 0.

  2. I have no clue why Marlowe was CC'd. Phase 0 is "Before formal training begins, the new dog is introduced to the GDB kennels, campus walks and the formal training program." GDB updated their training phase descriptions in may and now there are 9 phases going from 0 to 8.