Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Puppy Assignment

So last Friday we found out that the new puppy will be a .....

Female Black Lab

whose name starts with......


I'm thinking I like:
Simone (I think there is a breeder with this name though)
Storm and,

But I'm super afraid that her name is going to be Snooki.......


  1. Maybe it will be Shelly (That is my name...) Wishful hoping right? :)

    I sure hope the wouldn't name a dog Snooki!

  2. S puppies are super cool. Maybe it will be Sparkle, the one from my club was just cc'ed. :)

  3. She needs a nice southern belle name to go with Julimae. How about Savannah, SueAnn, Scarlett, Sadie, SalliAnne, SaraBeth, SaraLyn, or Suzannah? You could get really confusing and have a SaraMae or SalliMae. Whatever her name is, I cannot wait to meet the girl on Friday. :)

  4. Simone was a Breeder. She had one litter and returned for Harness Training and is now a Guide. :)

    I like Scarlett too. I also like Serenity, Semla, Sadie, Saffire, SaraJane, Susan, and Sansa.

  5. How exciting - I can't wait to hear what her name is!
    Here are some random ideas...

    Rudy's Raiser