Sunday, January 3, 2010

Service Animal Restrictions

I just got done reading Mandy's blog post about service animals. I thought it was a really good post and all her links were awesome! Now I am here to give my thoughts about service animals.
Firstly, I think psychiatric service animals are wonderful, to an extent. People feel the need to abuse service animals. For example, (this is a totally hypothetical thought) say someone with OCD went and got themselves an animal and trained it to calm them when they see some disorder, that is just not right.
Secondly, I think that all service animals should come from a legit service animal organization. If someone rescues an animal from the shelter and observes that the animal needs something to do with it's life they should make a job for them at home. You could have them fetch the newspaper, or pick up your baby's toys (for a nice cleaning) or you could even train them to turn on your electronic devices!
Thirdly, service animals should be a domesticated species. Dogs and mini horses fall into this category. I don't believe that monkeys should be used. I don't even think that monkeys should be kept as pets. And nobody had better play the "We evolved from monkeys". The fact is, we didn't! Genesis 1:26 and Genesis 2:7 should sum that up.
Fourthly, I think the U.S. Government should keep a record of all service animals. That should make rules and regulations that are consistent for the whole country. Shouldn't the government take care of it's people that are paying taxes to them? Even the disabled ones.

If you did read that whole thing I hope it didn't offend you in any way or for any reason. If it did I am turning on comment moderation and we can talk it out through email. I doubt it should but you never know.................

By the way, I am Christian. I do live in Utah but I am not LDS. Crazy, huh?


  1. I'm not offended in any way ;-) I just think it's important to note that to get a dog through an organization there is generally a 2-5 year wait, some people are qualified to train their own service animals. If I ever needed a service dog I would probably train one myself because I know what I would want and need and have my sister to help who knows how to train service dog tasks. While I do think there need to be tighter restrictions on service animals, I can see how a monkey could be very helpful to a quadriplegic who couldn't handle a dog. For the most part though, I completely agree but be careful where you state your opinions on service dogs like this, it's a very heated topic and you could get in an argument that you don't want to be in. (Speaking from experience /grin/)

  2. Hear Hear!! I completely agree with you on everything.. What I think the problem is, is that service dogs cost so much from some organizations.. thats why people do it from home... Second, they sell all that crap on the internet! (sorry for the language) but the jackets and patches and such.. its ridiculous... and that's why I think that they should all come from some sort of organization.. People who go and use 'fake' service dogs should be shot! lol sorry, no they shouldn't.. thats just the Texan in me! haha.. well maybe just a pellet gun.. pfft ok I'll stop.

    I do think that there should be regulations on what people should actually use service dogs for.. By law, if a 'service dog' is challenged and taken to court it must be able to perform 3 specific tasks to aid with the disability of the owner. What kind of task is the hypothetical dog you mentioned going to perform? nothing.. But I think that would be classified as a therapy dog.. which are different? and have different laws? IDK! lol. Not too schooled in that department so maybe I shouldn't be shouting off my opinions quite yet.. anyways, good post. I like civilized debates.

    P.S. I ordered some Toms and they should come in tomorrow!!!

  3. I REALLY agree that the regulations for service dogs/animals should be consistent for the whole country!

    Great post!

  4. I love it Mitch! I agree Monkey's should not be service animals FOR SURE!! And as far as the Government being involved, I think that is an excellent plan. If nothing else it would make them have more of an interest in the "little people" instead of all focus being solely on those with $$ and directly involved with politics.

  5. I agree with you on some of these points (I just came across your blog) except the owner trained. My current SD is owner trained, though my next I am thinking of getting through a program due to life circumstances. He is an excellent dog who does an excellent job and helps me immensely. He has a long list of trained tasks and is public access trained. I've been a professional dog trainer for 13 years and though James was my 1st SD I trained, I knew how to do the basics when I got him due to my background in training dogs for high level obedience and agility competitions as well as other things. When I interviewed with 2 programs they came out to see how James and I worked and we got high compliments from those trainers, saying if they hadn't known better they would have thought for sure he was program trained.

    Also a real legitimate psychiatric service dog has real legitimate tasks that will hold up in a court of law. Emotional support is not a task. And you're right that does not make a service dog. I know people with disabiling mental health issues (which very few % of the population truly has, most people with mental illness it is not to the level of disabiling) who do have legit task trained public access trained (both program trained and owner trained) SDs and the dogs help them same as they would anyone else with any other disability- to lead a more independent life.

    I completely agree with the domesticated species. Monkies should not be kept in houses. They are wild animals!

    I enjoyed reading your blog!

  6. I'm very into laissez-faire economics, and I think having the government deal with it could be even more detrimental to service dogs that what occurs currently. However, the other points are decent. But be careful about what you post publicly on the internet! I can come back to haunt you....