Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Julimae is Legal

Julimae is legal!!! We went to get her final shots yesterday. Julimae is a total drama queen though and freaked out when she got the shots. The first shots she got way back when she didn't even care, she cared about these shots! When the vet inserted the needle she cried as loud as she could and wiggled around. She almost fell off the examination table. The second one she didn't wiggle but she still cried. She learned that when she got hurt and cried that we would feel bad and hug her and such so now she thinks that she can keep doing it at things that don't hurt. We've started ignoring her if we know she's ok. She hasn't been on any outings yet but hopefully she will get to go soon.


  1. Yea! I cannot wait to hear about Julimae's first outing. Please post a picture of her in her jacket. I bet she is adorable. :)