Thursday, August 12, 2010

Utah Puppy Truck 8-12-10

Julimae in the car going to the puppy truck
Today I went to the puppy truck even though I wasn't getting a puppy. I wanted to see all the new puppies! I also thought it would be good for Julimae to go with us! So we loaded Paris and Julimae in the car (Paris is staying with me for a while so that Megan can focus on the new puppy) and headed out. When we got there the puppy truck hadn't arrived yet so we joined everyone in the grass and waited for it. I got to hang out with Kyle  while we waited. He is an awesome dog and was fun to hang out with. Then the puppy truck came and it was time for everyones puppies!! The first to come to our club was Antigua! She is a tiny little yellow girl (pictured below)! After Antigua a little C boy came! His name is Clyde! I think it is an awesome name! And finally after Clyde came Megan's...........................
Kyle sitting in the grass waiting for the puppy truck to arrive
Clyde coming off the truck


Antigua and her raiser
Paris in the car waiting to go home

Megan's chocolate lab Snickers! I had to wait till she got him on her blog so that it didn't ruin the big surpirse ;)

Also, MEADE IS IN PHASE 6!!!!!!!!


  1. Is Antigua pronounced like "Antig-u-ah" or "Antigwa"? Either way I think it's a cute name.

  2. Antigwa. I don't even know if I spelled it right...