Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Dog Filled Week

This past week I have been very busy with five dogs in the house! The first was, of course, Julimae. The second and third were Rina and Cruiser. No surprise there. The fourth and fifth were Paris and Picassa!!! I got to take care of Paris so that Megan could spend some time with Snickers while he gets settled. Picassa came because my leader, who is taking care of her while she is in heat, went out of town and we were the next people on the list of approved yards for a female in heat. They both came over on Wednesday night after the puppy meeting. On Thursday we went to the puppy truck to meet the new puppy's and Paris got to meet her new little brother. We hung around the house the rest of the weekend. Then yesterday Megan came to pick up her girls and brought over Snickers. He is a wonderful little puppy and has a great personality!

Picassa sitting in the backyard

Picassa running with a plastic bottle in her mouth with Julimae chasing her

Julimae playing with Paris in the back yard

Paris teasing Julimae with a plush moose

Julimae playing with Picassa




  1. If Megan picked up Picassa, does that mean she is off house arrest? That would be happy news! :)

  2. No, not yet. She just missed her girl and took her for the night until Kris could pick her up.

  3. Picassa still has 14 days of house arrest left. I missed her too much so I decided to kidnap her for a night or two, but she should be going back to Kris tonight or tomorrow morning. You got some great pictures of the girls. They are so cute, and it looks like they all had a good time. It looks like Julimae has some stealth Ninja moves going on though. ;)

  4. WOW! Julimae is getting so big! Looks like you had a blast with all them puppies :)