Friday, June 11, 2010

Goodbye Meade

Today was Meade's recall day so it all started when I woke up and took him outside to go potty. After he went potty I took a shower and then I fed Meade. Then we hung out until it was time to go. We loaded Meade in the van and set off on his new adventure. The whole time in the car he sat where he could see me.
Along the way we picked up Megan and Gabby so they could pick up Paris. When Meade saw them he got so happy and gave them a lot of kisses. Then we started playing with him while in the car. If you say BZZZZZ to Meade he will start to get excited and if you poke him while you say it he will talk. It is really funny and there should be a video soon. When we got to the puppy truck we gave them Meade's information while Megan got Paris and stood kind of far away to avoid the truck... Then we got some pictures of Meade with his brother, McQueen:

After that we had to give in and put him on the truck. He was being a turd and wouldn't jump into the truck or the kennel... He knew he as leaving. Then in the kennel he tried guiltifying us into letting him out. But we were good and didn't take him out and run away...
We left pretty soon after that.

That's the story of my first GDB puppy drop off....
I am going to miss him. The biggest thing I will miss is his big head, big ears, and big lips... He has a great personality and he is super smart! Good luck MEADE!!!!


  1. Sounds like you're holding up well, so far. Just you wait, Meade will be graduating in no time. You put a lot of hard work into that big guy and should be very proud!

  2. I wish I could say that the drop offs get easier, but I've only gone through one myself. I cried for days after I put Freya back into the kennels at GDB (there was no puppy truck so I got to bring her to her new home myself). And everytime I think about having to give Rocco to a new raiser before I go off to college I get all teary-eyed. I'm sure he's going to do extremely well. I've already added him to the list of dogs I track through the stages. I tend to track puppies that are related to those in my group and we have a Cabby puppy! Rocco and I will be cheering him on.

  3. Well, I have tears in my eyes now....He was a great dog and I have everything crossed that he makes it as a guide! I am 100% positive that you will do the best job with your next puppy! Hugs in this sad time...but a wiggly, fun, ball of joy is on her way :)

  4. I an raising my first puppy for Canine Companions for Independence. I'm sure Meade will do great! Good luck with the new pup! :)