Saturday, October 23, 2010


This past week had been weird in my house with only two dogs instead of three. Julimae has been good and I don't think she has noticed that Rina is gone. Cruiser, on the other hand knows that she is gone. He was very sad last weekend but has been getting better. He does look for her when we get home, I think he thinks that she has been at the vet again. We've been taking him for a lot of car rides to cheer him up. 

We have already started thinking about another dog. I feel bad because it is so soon but we know we will be getting another, it's hard to keep us away from animals. We decided that if Julimae gets career changed we are going to keep her. If not we are going to get a German Shepard. I think we are waiting until we hear news of Julimae before we make a final decision because if we adopted a dog now we would have two pet dogs and a PIT and our city limits 2 dogs per household and then if Julimae did get career changed we wouldn't be able to keep her or to puppy raise anymore. My mom and step dad have also talked about raising a puppy of their own. We don't know yet. 

Anyway, there's an update of our pet dog situation. I'll post some Julimae stuff later today.


  1. Did Rina pass away? I'm so sorry! I love the idea of your parents puppy raising though. They are both so good with your puppies. :)

  2. When my dog Brandy died my dog Arwen was so confused. Brandy was her birth mother so she was really attached to Brandy in more than one way. Arwen was scared of the backyard for almost a month because it still smelled like Brandy but Brandy wasn't around in the house. It was kind of sad to watch. Someone had to lead her outside so she could go potty. But that's a Golden Retriever for you I suppose.

    I always love the idea of keeping the puppy if they're career changed. Espeically if you know that they'll be fine not being able to go everywhere. And if you're a good Puppy Raising Team and if it's the first puppy you've raised that's been CC'd.

  3. I think it's great that you are thinking about another dog, especially since it's not the same breed as Rina, which means less comparison. But I will say that you should research German shepherds thoroughly before getting one--they seem like a ton of work. Cabana's friend Beau is a huge German shepherd, which probably makes it more difficult than if he were somewhat smaller. But I sometimes feel for his owner who spends SO much time exercising him and training him (she probably spends over 3-4 hours a day), and still, people at the dog park freak out and get scared that he's going to hurt their dogs. It's just because of his breed and size because he's really not aggressive at all.

  4. @Mimi My mom has already had a German Shepard and trained him for show so I think we're good. We have decided no more little dogs, we like the big ones. :)