Saturday, October 2, 2010

Graduation Trip Part 1: The Drive to Oregon

As you may know, Meade is an official guide dog now!!! My family and I got to go to his graduation on September 11th. We decided to drive because it was cheaper and we also decided to take Julimae with us so she could meet her big brother :) 
Julimae in the car. She is looking at the camera between the two back seats
A couple of days before the trip I went to Costco and got her one of the nice big cedar beds! I originally wanted a round one but all they had was rectangle so I decided to get it anyway, but it turns out it fits perfectly in the back of our SUV. Julimae REALLY likes this bed. She would not leave it for the first couple nights. She thinks it is the best thing ever. She was really happy when we put it in the car for her before we left.
The first day of driving we decided to stop in Boise to see my mom's biological mom and have dinner with them. This was Julimae's first restaurant outing. And, of course, she was perfect! She did want to get up and leave half way through but I made her lay down and she didn't protest again. After that we went to our hotel room and she thought that was THE BOMB DIGGITY. I let her roam around the room the whole time and she was wonderful. She thought that running around with her toys was a great pastime in the hotel. The next day we started to drive to Oregon! She was brilliant and rode in the back of the car like she did before. When we got to Oregon we went to dinner with my mom's cousin. She was great during dinner there too. After that we went to Voodoo Doughnut and she was also great there. She impressed me a whole lot. 

Julimae in a hotel room. She is laying near the bed and has several toys around her while she chews on a pink rope.
We went to Pok Pok in Portland because we had seen it on TV and heard great things about it. I wasn't too impressed with it. It was my first time having Thai food and since I'm a fan of very hot food I ordered the hottest thing on the menu. It even said it was the hottest... It was good but it wasn't that hot. A bag of flamin' hot cheetos is hotter. I was very disappointed. We all shared our food so I got to try some duck (bleck :P) and I also accidentally ate a cube (yes, cube) of pork fat. Who cube's animal fat and puts it on a beef kabob? I thought it was a pineapple piece, but I was way way wrong. It was the worst thing ever! Anyway, Voodoo Doughnut wasn't all it was cracked up to be either. We have also seen it on TV and thought we would try it... Eh. If they were fresh doughnut they would've been better...
Julimae curled up in Pok Pok

We had a good first part of our trip and Julimae had a lot of fun! 


  1. Don't you mean the "BOMB DOGGITY?" Haha! If you want really good Thai food and you ever find youself in Fresno look me up and I'll take you to my favourite place. That being said you're probably thinking "Oh what does she know." But it is also my father's favourite place and he lived in Thailand for a couple of months. When they say things are spicey they are SPICEY! I'm under the same influence. If it doesn't completely wipe out my taste buds as I put it in my mouth it's not worth me eating. :)

  2. If I had known you liked hot and spicy food, I would have recommended you go to Salvador Molly's to eat the Habenero fritters they call "Balls of Fire." If you eat all 5, plus the sauce, you get your picture taken and it's placed on the "Wall of Flame." This place has been featured on TV before, too. Maybe you'll get a second chance to eat in Portland when Julimae graduates.