Monday, March 23, 2009

25 days + MY puppies!

WOOHOO! 25 more days! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! And today I'm going to talk about MY puppies! I have two dogs, a male Jack (Parson) Russel named Cruiser and a female Rat Terrier named Rina (pronounced ree-na).  They are happy little cuties that make me happy! Even they are excited for the puppy because when you mention the word puppy they go crazy! Here are some pictures! 

Rina being to good for the camera! ↓

Cruiser. ↓ I just woke him up from his nap to take pictures!

The two together! ↓

And some more pictures! ↓


  1. Hi! I'm Emily, and I am a puppy raiser for GDB currently co-raising my 3rd and 4th pups. You should check out their blogs. Anyway, do you know anything about your puppy yet, like the litter or letter? Good luck with your pup!

  2. Hey! I understand your excitement! Getting your first puppy is one of the most exciting things ever (or so it seems...)! Make sure to puppy sit a lot in the next few weeks! It will help you get ready for a puppy along with making the time fly by!

    My name is Anna and I'm raising my 5th puppy, female yellow lab Avani. She will be 5 months at the beginning of April.

    Drop me an email if you would like to read my (private) blog and I'll add you to the reader list.

    Oh, and from one of your earlier posts - yes there is indeed a Toby who is a puppy in training. The sad thing is GDB doesn't seem to use the litter letter "T" very often!

  3. Emily, I don't know ANYTHING about the puppy except that it will be a guide dog puppy and that it will come April 17!

  4. Have you seen this? This video is from today. One of these puppies is probably yours!!

  5. Awwww my first PIT (in training to be a hearing dog) was a Jack Russell that looked almost exactly like Cruiser!!! I miss that puppy :( ..for a second I thought you had him! haha