Saturday, March 21, 2009

27 days!!!

Yipee!!! Today I played around with the ticker and made it work! Is it not beautiful? I figured out I was copying to much of the html, it was weird. But now I am super happy! I'm still super duper excited!!! I think my parents are too. They are telling me that we have to start saving money to go to San Rafael for the puppies' graduation. I think they think I'll do good with the pup! 


  1. Love your excitement, Mitch! 27 days will go by in a snap. PS: I like Adam on AI--he's not leaving anytime soon (although I never vote for anybody).

  2. It better go fast or I'll go crazy!

    Adam probably isn't leaving.... too many people like him! But if Megan stays I am happy!

  3. Welcome to the world of GDB puppy blogging! I currently don't have a puppy, but I have two of mine who were cc'd. Maybe sometime next year I will have the time/energy to raise again.

    27 days will go by very quickly! Hint: Puppysit A LOT!!! It will make it go even faster!

  4. Hey Mitch, I'm on my fourth beautiful GDB puppy, Peyton. Congratulations on your pup. That's SO exciting! If it makes you feel any better, I had to wait one year and fourteen days for my first puppy. Pure torture! Raising is the very best and I'm sure you'll love it.