Monday, March 30, 2009

18 DAYS!!!!!!

YESH!!! Under 20 days!!! SO SO SO excited. I woke up this morning and thought "oh goody, 18 days"  then I went to the window and saw it was snowing "oh no! This SUCKS".  So here is the story of my day.

↓The view walking up to catch the bus!↓
↓My shoes right before the bus came! ↓

↓The view out the bus window when I got on↓

↓10 minutes after being on the bus↓

↓20 minutes after↓
↓ 30 minutes after being on the bus↓

Then ten minutes later we got to school! The bus usually takes ten minutes to get there. And today we weren't even late to school! When it snows we are ALWAYS late! It is fun! But not today!

P.S. The first toy for the puppy came! My dogs saw it and want it. Here is a picture!

Go Goughnuts! (I don't know what kind of chewer the pup will be so I thought better safe than sorry)


  1. Ok- I can't even imagine relieving a pup in that weather. Wow, give me earthquakes and fires.

  2. P.S. I'm Carrie, i just sent my 3rd FBL off to college last week. Lani is currently in medical clearance before she starts training. Welcome to GDB and blogging. Look forward to hearing more about your pup. You don't have a letter or litter yet?

  3. No letter or litter yet! But my leader said I will know this week :D

  4. Woot Woot, you are down to the teens. April 17th will roll around before you know it!! I can't wait to meet your new little guy/girl.

  5. Goughnuts are so neat! My second puppy managed to chew through to the red in about a day, though. Luckily, the company will send you a new one and is very good about it.