Sunday, March 22, 2009

26 DAYS!

Well, its the end of the weekend. YUCK! But tomorrow I am going to go rent Twilight (yes, it is weird, but I read the books and now need to see the movie, which I havn't seen yet!) from redbox! I hope they have it! 

Anyway, last night I had a lot of dreams and most were about the puppy! I don't remeber any of them but I know they were interesting! Sorry! Oh well, bye bye!


  1. I remember having pre-puppy dreams. I don't remember what happened in them but they were weird. I have read all the twilight books and I bought the movie at Midnight from Wal-Mart (pretty scary, I have never been to a midnight release before) Enjoy the movie! It is perty good.

  2. oh boy mitch, you have gone crazy with this puppy thing... haha