Thursday, April 2, 2009

15 days!!!

YAY YAY YAY! Today there is only ONE week until we get our puppy assignments (I think our leader is trying to torture us!!!). Oh, and if you didn't know me and Megan and Fullerton are in the same puppy club (there are even some pictures of me on her blog! Me on Megan's blog  I'm the one in the red shirt!). I digress, last night I was watching Bolt (bestest dog movie EVER [I think]) and little Cruiser would not stop chewing his paws! So finally I went downstairs and got the good ol' sattelitte dish (I don't know it's real name). Since he looked so silly I just had to take pictures!

"I'm a crazy doggie!"

"I want my ball"
"Why, Mitch, why?"


  1. Hey! My name's Anna and I'm another youth raiser in WA state. I'm actually taking a break this year so I can focus on school for senior year. Congrats on the puppy that's coming so soon! Do you have a letter/breed/gender assignment yet?

  2. Fifteen days!! WOOHOO!! And you should feel honored to grace the pages of my blog, I believe you are the only human besides myself (and a few relatives) to make it there. LOL Can't wait till next puppy class for assignment day. And yes, I believe this is her form of torture. :D Enjoy the wait, Moo wa ha ha ha ha. (Okay me and caffeine do not go well together) Toodle pip.