Thursday, April 16, 2009

Less than 2 days! (again)

Here is a photo of some of the puppy supplies I have! I have ordered some toys that I will get when I go to pick up Mr. M! I also have a crate, brush, nail clippers and those other essentials! Tomorrow I am going to the pet store and am getting food, and styptic powder. I might get some more toys. I don't know yet. What other puppy supplies do I need to pick up? What toys do you recommend? P.S. This might be the last time for you to guess names for Mr. M!


  1. Nylabones are wonderful, especially those keys that are so adorable. Get a few plush toys..some pups love them and don't destroy them :) others do.

    Names, names, names.....



  2. the keys are certainly adorable but sadly unapproved for GDB pups :-( and only non-stuffed fleece toys sans squeakers are allowed under four months! It's tough getting toys for GDB pups! Any toy on the updated approved list is good, regular nylabones (not double-action) a jollyball is good for good romps in the yard, a kong of course, a good variety of nylabones are helpful. The normal ones, a gumabone or two for those puppy teeth, a nylabone ham steak, chicken leg, the red nylabone tire or black goodiship are all good things to have on hand to keep pup's interest :-D

  3. Natures Miracle and Lint Rollers. :D Rope toys for tug, and Orange Juice jugs are always popular as well as laundry detergent bottles. Sounds like you've got a good collection going though. :D

  4. Everyone has pretty much said what I would say. Sounds like a pretty good collection you have got going. Can't wait to see what Mr. M's name is Saturday. Hope tomorrow moves fast for you. If it is anything like my day today. It will move very very slowly. Hope you have a fast moving day tomorrow and not a slow one.

  5. Oops, sorry Ally! It is really interesting to learn about how each school is different!

  6. I really like the Nylbone puppy keys and Tuffy toys....My puppies also really like Kong Wubbas! Can't wait to "meet" Mr. M!!!!

  7. No problem, Sammy! It's hard for me to realize that I got excited over getting Iverson those toys! It's just a small selection (for good reasons) but getting toys for Eclipse is so much more fun! We are completely free (other than a few select no-no's) :-D

  8. Yes, toy shopping is VERY fun :) we aren't allowed to use tennis balls or frisbees. Other than that, we are allowed to just use our judgement :)

    I can't wait to meet Mr. M!