Saturday, April 18, 2009

2 hours 45 minutes!!!!

I am so freakin excited!!!!  Today I woke up about 7 ( I had so much trouble falling asleep last night!!!) then I went to bed, then I woke up again and stayed awake! So I got out of bed and took a shower, then I cleaned my room, then I did some dishes, and now here I am! Waiting, waiting waiting! It is 10: 18 here and we aren't leaving until 11:40! Then there is an hour drive to SLC!!!! YUCK!!!! Oh well! By the way! LAST CHANCE TO GUESS NAMES!!!!


  1. I'm so excited for you guys! And given the seriously yucky/snowy weather we are having here, I am sooooo glad the puppy truck was delayed for a day so that they would be safer!

  2. YAY!! Enjoy every minute of puppy pick will be floating on cloud nine :)