Saturday, April 18, 2009

My day!

Well, Blogger is being a pain in the rump and won't let me upload any pictures!!!!

Ok, so we got to the puppy truck a little late, but they didn't start without us! Then I waited and waited and waited for my puppy! And then he finnally came! YAY! He is the second largest new pup in our group! Then, I took him to the grass to go potty. He didn't. He ate dandelions! So after picking a few flowers out of his mouth I picked him up again! Then we took a group picture of all the new pups in our group and I set Meade down and he pottied! Then we drove home and he was a very good boy! Then we got home and when I took him in the house he met the kitty! All he wanted to do was sniff the kitty! And the kitty let him! So then I let him explore the house and then we went outside to meet the pet doggies! All Meade wanted to do was play, but my pups wanted to sniff him! Then we came back in and I fed him (he is the messiest eater) and we let him explore some more! Then I handed him over to my mom to do this post and guess what! HE PIDDLED ON MY MOM'S WORK PAPERS!!!!! So she rushed him outside. They came back in and..... HE PIDDLED AGAIN! So I rushed him outside and he finished! Then I put him in his kennel to take a nap!

Oh, he is very playful and likes to play tug! He can go upstairs okay, but is scared to go down. and he doesn't know his name yet :(


  1. The joys of puppyhood. I told you it feels like every twenty minutes. :D Welcome home Meade, can't wait to meet you at puppy class. :D

  2. Oh... housebreaking. I always forget about that when dreaming of a new pup. Enjoy ;) Luckily this part only lasts a day or so before he starts to get it!

  3. Introduce the stairs slowly so that they will be less scary - put yourself down at his level-the stairs are like climbing a GIANT wall!! He will learn his name - try the "name game." Hope tonight goes well :)

  4. Hey Meade I like the name. yeah they are kind of unpredictable the first coulple of days. Do yourself a favor and put him on a scheudle. Eating or drinking will stimulate his relieve drive. So after he does either or right after he wakes up take him out and walk him in circles until he does his business. He'll get with the game in a day or two.

    It took close to a month to get Lani potty trained and another until I was sure she was 100%

    Welcome home!

  5. I like how every sentence in this post ends in an exclamation point, except for the sad-ish part at the end. I've been thinking about getting a puppy but worried about discipline, I can tell this blog will be very helpful to me :)

    This excited post has me ready to go get a puppy right now, on my lunch break!