Sunday, April 5, 2009

12 DAYS!!!

EEEEEEE!!!!!! Only um....... let me check........ only 4 days until I get the puppy assignment!!! And of course 12 days till the puppy comes!

Anyway, today's topic is my other dog! He lives with my dad! He is kinda stupid so he is always funny! :D So here are some pictures! Oh, by the way, he looks like Petey from The Little Rascals and guess what his name is!.............................. PETEY! We didn't name him because we adopted him from the humane society!


  1. Yay for only 12 days. I am not used to being puppy less. I can't wait till my puppy comes and till we get the assignments come.

  2. Awe, Petey is cute! I love dumb dogs they are so entertaining. :D I have been meaning to ask if you went to my bro-in-laws school. There was another puppy raiser there about a year ago and I came and did a presentation there once for flex (or whatever it is called, the freetime you have for good grades or something like that) once. He is a cool guy, I love him. :D Small world. . .

  3. Waiting is SO hard....Thankfully the time comes and it's so exciting!

    My name is Madison and am currently raising my 2nd puppy Andros for CCI. He turns into Advanced training May 16, and then I will be getting my next pup! I'm also waiting for the assignment on that one....

  4. So your dog Cruiser looks exactly like my first puppy, and you have another dog with his name! haha