Tuesday, April 14, 2009

3 DAYS!!!!

Okay, so there is supposed to be a storm here this week!!! OH NO! And it is supposed to snow too!!! OH NO OH NO! BUT! It is supposed to be leaving on Thursday night, making it almost sixty degrees on FRIDAY WHEN THE PUPPY COMES!!!! OK, so the weathermen (and women) on all of the evening news thingies say it will the high will be 53, but this IS Utah and the actual temperature is also 5-10 degrees higher than the high!

I'm getting really nervous about messing up the puppy! I don't want to contribute to a messed up puppy! That would be no good! So my emotions this week have been Nervexciteous (a mixture of nervous and excited!) It is really a weird feeling!

Now! A sneak peek at tomorrow's post: Tomorrow's post will be about a crazy dream I had, the reason why I'm not posting it today is because I just don't want to!

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  1. All raisers feel that way at some point. You will do great, you know what you are doing and you have a group of people to help you every step of the way. Don't be afraid to ask questions. :D I still feel that way with every puppy I pick up. You are awesome! Can't wait to hear about the dream!