Tuesday, April 7, 2009

10 DAYS!!!

YAY!!!  My excitement has been building and building! I might explode next week with all the excitement in me! Then I would be a sad sad sad dead boy.

Here are some cute sleeping puppy pictures for your enjoyment!


Still loading........
Watching the little uploader circle spin...........

Giving up..........

Stupid internet! My internet is bipolar! You might even say it's ♫HOT AND ITS COLD, IT YES AND ITS NO IT IN AnD iTs out......♫ Oh well, you'll just have to wait till tomorrow!


  1. Hi Mitch, I am super excited too!!! (I am getting Westin, a male yellow lab on the 17th! He will be seven weeks and two days old. Can you tell I'm obsessed? :P) Do you know the name, gender, color, or age of your pup? Expecting a puppy is SO exciting!

  2. Sammy, don't know anything about the puppy for the time being! BUT! I will know on Thursday though!!

  3. Be sure to fill me in!!! Puppy pick up is SO exciting :)

  4. Tomorrow you'll be on the single digits. Woo hoo!